Leave a positive impact

Wear your values, more so, act on it



We want to offer women the opportunity to wear their values, but beyond that give them the opportunity to leave a positive impact on so many levels. Upon supporting a sustainable and conscious brand, for every design purchased, 3€ is given back to a charity mainly focused on women health and education throughout the world, but not only that. You can learn more about our action on our Giving back page.

Sustainability is one of our top priority at Al Haya Paris, we acknowledge that reaching our goal of becoming fully sustainable is a continuous work, but we will put all of our effort into turning our processes into being eco-friendly.

We've worked with a family owned factory in the UAE from the very beginning, and we truly believe and stand for equality and equity in the working world. We strongly stand against any form of discrimination. All of our partners are treated with the same level of opportunity, respect and dignity.

All of our designs are handmade in this factory, that we have the pleasure to grow with slowly. Our dear tailors are highly trained with the best and latest technics. Every design is thoughtfully made using artisanal and modern technics.

We are fully committed to create our pieces with sustainability and high-quality fabrics to improve our development towards ecology.

It is through all these aspects that we take part in the slow fashion and promote a different, slower way of consumption.

Less but better, quality rather than quantity


Modesty is a journey

We want every woman to feel welcomed, heard and respected at Al Haya Paris. Our commitment is for All Women around the world.



Al Haya Paris was born from the ambition of the founder to use her passion to achieve her purpose, we encourage you to follow your purpose


Kindness lies at the very core of the brand, as every women is unique, we want Al Haya Paris to be a safe place for you to choose how to evolve


We are committed to women, to the planet and to our partners who help us having a positive impact


We believe that we always have to aim for better and our goal is to reach excellence for every part of the brand


Our main focus is to evolve trough sustainable high quality pieces and keep our effort on being more eco-friendly


We commit ourselves to always communicate with transparency and authenticity


Purpose driven, our main goal is to leave a positive impact. We are committed to give back 3€ on every piece sold to charities focused on women health and education. Our effort may also take place for emergency action. We believe that the ocean is made of tiny drops of water, so as a whole we can have unlimited impact.

We strongly stand against any form of discrimination. All of our partners are treated with the same level of opportunity, respect and dignity. We take this matter very seriously and are committed to offering our partners and workers a pleasant, safe work environment where they always feel valued and listened to.


We want to inspire women to find the strength within themselves to conquer the world, believe in themselves and never settle for less. Make them realize that they are the pillars of this world.

We offer women respect and consideration trough a high quality experience: we care for you at every step of your experience in Al Haya Paris, from dreamy creative, to a friendly user website, a committed team at your service and of course high quality beautiful and long lasting pieces.

With Al Haya Paris, you wear your values, more so, you act on it.

Dounia assiya

founder of the brand

I honestly want every women to understand how valuable and strong they are, inspire them to pursue their wildest dream. I always wanted to leave a positive impact, I am blessed to be able to use my passion to achieve my purpose.