The story of a desert rose

The women. Pillars of this world. Wives, mothers, sisters, daughters.

Those who fight in the shadows on a daily basis for their family and who are content with a smile on the lips of those who are dear to them.

The woman, heroine, yet so often misunderstood by her duality, which for society, she lacks. As strong as it is fragile, as sweet as it is spicy, as proud as it is sensitive. They see these as your weaknesses, but make them your strength.

Imagine for a moment that you could meet someone who understands you, who feels you, who reads you and who helps you through the stages of your life with kindness. Won't you go looking for him?

Come with me to meet him...

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who had grown up among women.

Curious and observant, she knew them by heart. Sweet and strong, she lived on her empathy. She had the gift of being the shoulder that supported them, the ear that listened to them, to the point of sometimes forgetting herself. A pillar for some, an outstretched hand for others, she always gave her best to satisfy those around her.

Like you, perhaps, she received her share of trials, some more difficult than others. A young girl who grew up too quickly, the responsibilities that came too soon, the judgments that were difficult to accept, to want to do the right thing, to finally feel again and again deep inside her, this same feeling: incomprehension.

She wrote to escape and filled notebooks where she put down on paper all her trials and regrets. An escape that allowed him to isolate himself and refocus. Unload from these shoulders the weight she was carrying.

Creative and driven by her thirst for learning, from an early age, she tried her hand at designing outfits for her dolls in tissue paper. Driven by a creative impulse that she filled with writing but also drawing. Her overflowing creativity pushed her to try her hand at photography, she took part in this art to express her emotions and to freeze them forever, on glossy paper. Far from imagining herself as a clothing designer, which for her was only the reflection of a pleasure, this idea nevertheless crossed her mind several times, but she ended up imposing on herself the pursuit of another calling. Healing wounds was her duty, it was her way, she was sure of it. Through these trips she wanted to meet, discover, learn, but above all give.

Enlisted in the dictates of society, and despite the encouragement of her mother, her first support, her first example, she abandoned her projects and dedicated her life to taking care of others.

As the years passed, the emptiness she felt inside grew. The hardships accumulate, making her stronger every day and without knowing it making her closer to her quest.

“No soul receives a charge greater than its capacity”; this is what she repeated to herself and drew her strength from these convictions, convinced that something better was waiting for her.

At this precise moment, she doesn't know it yet, but the light she tries in vain to smother is at hand.

Through these trips to the Gulfs and Asia, she discovered a culture that spoke to her heart. In the depths of her soul she wanted to return to bury herself in these roots, to explore them, to discover them, to represent them, to draw them... To bring them to life.

She decided to take the plunge and her passion for fashion pushed her to sell the first pieces from her collection. To create a universe around each garment, to give them meaning. More than a garment, she wanted to offer an identity. She who had been looking for herself for so long.

It is therefore here that the outline of Al Haya came to life. Despite the success of this first attempt, she still felt that something was missing.

Like a taste of the unfinished, the call of elsewhere attracted him.

As strong as the feeling of someone you miss, her heart sank every time she thought back to her last trip. The East had not finished revealing its secrets to him. She therefore embarked on a new journey that gave a definitive turn to her life.

Arriving on this land which had already welcomed her for the first time, an intense feeling of fullness invaded her. A warm and pleasant wind caressed his face and led him to discover more fully the country. For the first time in her life, she was about to encounter the Arabian desert. His heart pounded more and more as he approached the vast expanse of golden sand.

When she arrived at her destination, the sun was beginning to hide behind the dunes, to make way for the moon. She was amazed at the sight of this marvelous natural spectacle before her. If the desert can be frightening, on the contrary, with his arms he comforted her and returned to her heart all its warmth.

Without looking behind her, she began to walk through the sand warmed by the powerful rays of the day's sun. She lay down on the floor and instantly felt in her element. She closed her eyes for a moment and the whole film of her life flashed under her eyelids. Despite the salty pearls rolling down her cheeks, her face showed a broad smile. The void in his heart was finally filled. As I opened my eyes, the intense moonlight in this dark expanse of surprise, high and bright in the sky, as mysterious as it was elegant, the message was clear “even in the heart of adversity, draw beauty from it. , a spark needs darkness to shine. Stop at nothing, and even in hostile terrain, keep moving forward.”

 Confident and filled with a feeling of deep gratitude, she decided to get out of these thoughts to resume her journey, when she saw in the light of the night a sumptuous rose looking at her. The vision of this flower in the middle of the desert was improbable and had the effect of a revelation: what drives it is to create beauty, where it does not exist, like this rose. of the desert, which resists by its innate strength and always finds the light, despite the arid environment in which it evolves.

She does not want to sell or create clothes, she wants to do much more than that: she wants to let her imagination run wild, wear the colors of her identity, tell beautiful stories through her creations, give strength to each woman, carry out their own quest.

It is from here that Al Haya Paris grew: in just a few days, she struggled to find a workshop that brought together ethics and technical skills. In addition to taking up the crazy challenge of creating her first collection in a limited time, she forged deep friendships with those who, with their hands, shaped her creations. The beginning of a long story based on kindness and respect was beginning.

Overwhelmed by the success of what she dared not imagine, she settled in the Emirates for several months to follow the quality of her models closely and accomplish her mission of sublimating the women she knew so well, helping them to becoming the best version of herself and giving them, through her creations, the opportunity to combine all aspects of their lives, without compromise.

Between sacrifice and conviction, she then made the heavy decision to leave everything behind to live off her creativity. With a heavy heart, she left her country of birth, as an evidence, to find refuge in the arms of her passion: creation, light of her life, bandage of her soul.

Al Haya Paris lives to share the idea that even in adversity, we can draw beauty from it. We sincerely want to help women find strength in their hearts and make them realize that they are simply the pillars of this world. Created by a woman and for women, Al Haya Paris, like a benevolent friend, accompanies you on a daily basis and in all stages of your life as a woman, thanks to our unique creations, imagined and designed by the founder who shared her history.

It's up to you to dare to write yours.