Our values

Nos valeurs

Our ethics and our creation and production process bring a real caliber to our clothes. From the choice of thoughtful fabrics, to the quality of work of our designers, to the designs that have been worked on for a long time...

Our ethics and our quality are closely linked. A remarkable fabric is recognizable, just like a handmade work. Combined with a minimalist and elegant style inspired by haute couture.

This combination creates timeless pieces that will last a long time and stand out in your dressing room.

Slow fashion is a concept that values ​​quality over quantity. We create pieces with little restocking to preserve the authenticity of our creations and their exclusivity. But also to preserve an ethic that is dear to us.

The quality of our creations has a price. We invite you to do further research on the damage caused by fast fashion.

We aspire to participate in a better mode of consumption. Less but better.

A more respectful way:

- From the human, no moral or ethical physical abuse (decent salary)

-From the planet, the manufacturing process is slower because it is handmade, fewer parts produced, no manufacturing plant (one of the first sources of pollution) and therefore more respectful of the environment.

-A thoughtful and fair price that does not create compulsive buying. Pieces that last in your dressing rooms (to avoid overconsumption and overproduction).

We make sure to respect this ethics in the choice of our fabrics as well.

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